Friday, November 6, 2009

Plant of the Week: Nov 6

Prairie violet
Viola pedatifida 

G. Don
other common names: 
crowfoot violet; sometimes bird’s-foot violet, but this name is more common for another species, V. pedata
Viola: the classical Latin name for this genus
Pedatifida: from Latin, meaning generally “divided from a central point with the divisions also deeply cleft”
Violet family: Violaceae

Monday, November 2, 2009

Plant of the week: Nov 2

Wood betony
Pedicularis canadensis L.
other common names: lousewort, snaffles, beefsteak plant, high heal-all
Pedicularis: from Latin pediculus, meaning “louse” or “lousy.” Cattle and sheep grazing in pastures with this plant were once expected to become infected with lice.
Canadensis: meaning “of Canada”
Snapdragon family: Scrophulariaceae


Holly Carver & Allison Means on Dottie Ray

Everyone, be sure to check out Holly Carver and Allison Means from the University of Iowa Press talk about the new and exciting books coming out this fall on the Dottie Ray Show!
Wednesday, November 4 8:45 AM
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