Monday, March 9, 2015

A WRESTLING LIFE, by Dan Gable with Scott Schulte

The University of Iowa Press is proud to announce that A Wrestling Life, by Dan Gable with Scott Schulte, is now available.

"Dan Gable has been called 'Sports Figure of the Century' by Sports Illustrated. If you've never heard of him (or even if you have), you're in for a treat. A Wrestling Life details Gable's most profound triumphs and disappointing losses, both on the mat and off. He's been a primary inspiration to be since I was 15, and this book will show you why. In a modern world of political correctness and glad handing, the art of the fight is highly undervalued. Allow Dan to show you another way."—Tim Ferriss, author, The 4-Hour Body

"A Wrestling Life shows readers not only how Dan Gable cultivated the 'Iowa Way' to becoming a world-class athlete, but how he became the man behind the athlete. Through his unwavering commitment to teamwork and using the hardships in his life to fuel his uparalleled work ethic, he has truly earned his place as the godfather of Iowa sports."—Nate Kaeding, former Iowa Hawkeye and NFL football player