Monday, February 27, 2012

Bachelor Bess Winter Story

March 6, 1915 / Van Metre, South Dakota
To Mrs. M. M. Corey

You never in your life saw such a bunch of weather as we're having. It has been snowing for about a week almost constantly. There hasn't been much wind but I never saw so much snow in my life. Last Wednesday morning it was so deep that Mr. Newlin went ahead of me to the railroad gate to break the way a little for me and it was so hard to get through then that I knew by night I couldn't make it so I just camped at the school house. Mrs. Seieroe heard about it Thursday so Thursday evening Andrew [Seieroe] came for me. He took me to school yesterday morning but I had no pupils except Peter [Seieroe] and the Mathews. The whole bunch looked like boys for the only way the girls could make it was to put on overalls. Andrew came for Peter and I last evening. We like to never have got here. If this keeps up I don't know what will happen. Stock is suffering now in places. Mr. Putnam and Andrew started to walk to Wendte on the track but got in up to their waists and gave it up and came back. Am afraid it will be to omuch for the snow plows if it keeps on. Won't the river howl when this goes off.


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