Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bachelor Bess Winter Story

Mar. 16, 1913 / Fort Pierre, So. Dak.
To Mrs. M. M. Corey

Dear Ma,—Last Monday and Tuesday were very warm and Wednesday was misty. Thursday it was mist, rain and snow by spells. By five o'clock it was storming to beat seven of a kind. It grew worse and worse and by Friday morning it was the worst blizzard I ever saw and I never expect to see a worse one.

When I get up in the morning I just get already then jump out quick and throw the covers back over the warm places, run and build the fire then crawl back in the warm place till the fire burns up good. Well Friday morning I jumped out of bed right quick and landed in a snow drift. That's once when I yelled now believe me. I just screamed "Golly!" at the top of my voice and made another jump. I didn't go in quite so deep that time and the next jump landed me on the rug before the stove. I couldn't get the fire started for quite a while. Then I looked for the broom to sweep the snow aside before crawling back in bed but Oh grief! there it was on the other side of the drift so I had to go through the snow again. I got into bed and warmed up but my fire went out and I had to build it over again. It wasn't very cold then but kept getting colder. My fire didn't amount to much. The wind blew down the chimney or something so I staid in bed most of the time to keep warm. The storm let up some about five or six in the evening. Yesterday was clear and bright but cold with a sharp north wind. It's the same today.

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