Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Holiday Menu 2

Make your special someone a delicious meal with these recipes from the University of Iowa Press's P.E.O Cook Book, originally published in 1908:

Baked Ham (Mrs. Erma Geist, Joliet, IL) 

Select a thick ham weighing fourteen pounds, scrape trim, cover with fresh, cold water, let soak over night. In the morning, drain and dry; prepare a thick dough by mixing flour and water together, roll out to one-half inch thickness and enclose ham in it, wet the edges and press them firmly together; place ham in a large dripping pan and bake slowly in a moderate oven from four to five hours, remove from oven and break off shell and skin, trim off any ragged portions, stick fat side with whole cloves in diagonal rows an inch apart, grate the crumbs of white bread thickly over this surface and return ham to oven until a golden brown. Slip a paper frill on the knuckle and serve hot. Ham cooked in this way is cooked in its own juices and is very delicious and no waste.

Perfection Salad (Mrs. G. W. Baxter)

One-half package gelatin, one-half cup cold water, one-half cup vinegar, juice of one lemon, one pint boiling water, one-half cup sugar, one teaspoon salt, two cups celery in small pieces, one cup shredded cabbage, fine, one-fourth can sweet red peppers cut fine. Soak gelatin in cold water two minutes, add vinegar, lemon, water, sugar and salt; strain and add other ingredients. Mold and chill. Serve on lettuce leaves with mayonnaise dressing or dice and serve in peppers.

P.E.O. Cook Book, edited by David E. Schoonover

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