Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recipes: Parker House Rolls & Cherry Puffs

Parker House Rolls, Mrs. Marie Vawter

Rub one-half tablespoon of butter and one-half tablespoon lard into two quarts sifted four. Into a well in the middle pour one pint cold boiled milk and add one-half cup of yeast (or one yeast cake), one-half cup sugar and a little salt. If wanted for tea, rub the flour and butter, boil and cool the milk the night before, add sugar, yeast, and salt and turn all into the flour, but do not stir. Let stand over night and in the morning stir up. Knead and let rise till near tea time. Mold and let rise again and bake quickly. To mold, cut with cake cutter, put a little melted butter on one-half and lap nearly over on the other half, place in pan about three-fourths of an inch apart.

Cherry Puffs, Mrs. Kate Wilson

One egg, well beaten, one-half cup milk, butter size of a walnut, one cup of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder. Drop a tablespoon into a buttered cup and into this put two tablespoons of cherries, canned or fresh, then more batter. Steam thirty minutes. This will make four to five puffs. Serve with sauce or cream and sugar.

P.E.O. Cook Book, by David E. Schoonover

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