Monday, March 10, 2014

International Year of Family Farming

The Food and Agriculture Organization has declared 2014 the Year of Family Farming with the aim of highlighting the important role family and small farms play in feeding the world. To do our part, throughout 2014 we are featuring some of our favorite images and words from Iowa books on family farms. Here’s the latest!

“My father’s farm expresses well the essence of him. It’s some of the state’s best land, on a flat, narrow ridge that the topographer would represent with a southeast line between the parallel meanderings of the Des Moines and the Skunk rivers, safe from floods and perfectly sloped for draining rains…. He inherited its advantages, but has immaculately maintained them, taking no risks with the way he’s used his land.”

excerpt from Prairie City, Iowa: Three Seasons at Home, by Douglas Bauer

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