Friday, June 13, 2014

2014's crazy nature: Cicadas and the Honey Moon

Since 1997, billions of periodical cicada nymphs have been living underground in total darkness, sucking nourishment from tree roots and counting ever so slowly to 17. Now their precisely predictable, amazingly synchronized emergence — the state’s biggest insect show of the decade — is underway in several Eastern Iowa counties. . . . Within six weeks, the adult cicadas will have mated, laid their eggs and died. When the eggs hatch, the offspring will burrow into the ground where they will start their long, slow countdown to 2031. - See more at:
Tonight get ready for the Honey Moon!

A champagne-colored full moon will appear in the sky, a celestial event that hasn't happened in almost a century. A "Honey Moon" is what the June full moon is called since it glows amber, and the last time it fell on a Friday the 13th in June was in 1919. The next one will not occur until June 13, 2098! See more at:

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