Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sweet Autumn Clematis from GARDENING THE AMANA WAY, by Lawrence L. Rettig

Here's our favorite flower for September, from Lawrence L. Rettig's Gardening the Amana Way.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

While clematis cultivars come in many beautiful colors, with both single and double flowers, one of my favorite varieties is the old stand-by sweet autumn clematis. As its name implies, sweet autumn clematis blooms in late summer or early fall and has sweet, vanilla-scented blossoms. Its huge masses of flowers often hide the leaves almost entirely. One plant climbing into our blue spruce sends up vines as high as twenty feet. While impressive during the day, it's spectacular at dusk, when its blossoms literally glow against the darker needles of the spruce.

Hardiness: zones 3a-9b
Height: up to 20 feet
Spread: up to 5 feet
Bloom time: from early fall to shortly before frost
Bloom description: small, white
Light: full sun to part shade
Water: moderate
Maintenance: low

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