Friday, July 27, 2012

Making campus green: University of Massachusetts Amherst

In January 2012, a group of Amherst students, faculty and alumni began work on a campus permaculture garden. Though the garden only measures a quarter-acre, the space will be filled with planted fruits and vegetables, which will annually yield an estimated 1,000 pounds of food to be used in a nearby dining hall. Flowers and perennials will be grown in the garden as well. Amherst volunteers moved roughly 250,000 pounds of compost and soil from the space, which allowed it to be sheet-mulched. The permaculture garden, which should be operational this summer, was the brainchild of Ryan Harb, who earned a master’s degree in green building from Amherst and was recently appointed as the school’s first Director of Sustainability.

Check out the UMass Permaculture Documentary Series:

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  1. We're actually in our second growing season now! It started in 2010 and to date we've supplied over 1000 pounds of produce to the campus dining commons. The initiative now has consisted of over 1300 volunteers. Thanks for writing about us, and to learn more visit: