Friday, May 16, 2014

Interview with Carl Kurtz, pt. 1

The University of Iowa Press is proud to announce the release of our newest Bur Oak Book, A Year of Iowa Nature: Discovering Where We Live, by Carl Kurtz!

"Carl Kurtz is a photographer who blooms where he is rooted. He puts into words and images what people who love nature and the Midwest wish they could say and do. Each image and comment provides something to think about beyond the week they were originally shared."—Linda and Robert Scarth, authors, Deep Nature: Photographs from Iowa

UI Press editor, Holly Carver, sat down with Carl Kurtz to ask him a few questions about the inspiration for his book and his life as a photographer. Check back Monday to read the conclusion of the interview!

Holly Carver: You’ve been sending out a nature photo and a short essay every week for more than eight years. How did this start? 
Carl Kurtz: This began as a means to share observations with others and to encourage them to look more carefully at the world we live in. 
HC: Is it hard, some weeks, to find a worthy subject? If you have more than one candidate, how do you decide which to feature? 
CK: Some weeks, it is difficult to locate a suitable subject and other weeks, I may have half a dozen or more. I try to use what is most characteristic for that time of year and, if possible, something new that I have not used before.

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