Monday, May 19, 2014

Interview with Carl Kurtz, pt. 2

UI Press editor, Holly Carver, sat down with Carl Kurtz to ask him a few questions about the inspiration for his book and his life as a photographer. Check back Monday to read the conclusion of the interview!

HC: You sifted through some, what, five hundred photos to select the photos in this book. How did you make your decisions? 
CK: I tried to select things that seemed to best represent the season and time of year. 
HC: The subtitle of your book is “Discovering Where We Live.” What does this mean to you? 
CK: It means that we need to live in the present and be able to enjoy the world of nature every day, not just occasionally or on a vacation.

HC: After all these years of paying close attention to weekly images, what have you learned? 
CK: One continues to learn about the connectedness of all life forms and their importance in sustaining life. 
HC: I have a particular fondness for your photos of birds, followed by your panoramic landscapes. What do you most enjoy photographing? 
CK: Birds are always a challenge, but I enjoy the pursuit of everything in nature, since it nearly always reveals something new to you.
HC: I’ve been the grateful recipient of your photo essays for years. How can others sign up?

CK: I can add an e-mail address to my address book, or you can check, which is an archive of past weeks. 

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