Monday, November 3, 2014

Hot off the Press: THE VERY AIR, DEXTERITY, and THE BOOK OF FAMOUS IOWANS, all by Douglas Bauer

The University of Iowa Press is proud to announce the release of The Very Air, Dexterity and The Book of Famous Iowans, all by Douglas Bauer!


"From his supple prose to his common touch, one can detect in Douglas Bauer a substantial talent. The genius of Dexterity is that it is scrupulously organized and yet seamless in its narrative structure. In other words, Mr. Bauer is himself extremely dexterous."—New York Times Book Review

"The Book of Famous Iowans is a perfect novel—beautifully written and emotionally compelling in a way that made me wish it would never end even as I raced to the next page. I don't know when I have felt such love and compassion for a cast of characters. I already miss them, and will, I am sure, for a long time to come."—Jill McCorkle

"[The Very Air is] suspenseful, poignant, and irresistibly entertaining. Bauer makes some wonderful observations about life in America during the 1900s, and about humanity's eternal need for illusion, and his characterization is sharp and funny."—Publisher's Weekly

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